Is Ketamine More Effective for Treating Depression Than Antidepressants?

Is ketamine more effective for treating depression than antidepressants

Depression is a serious medical condition that affects more than 21 million adults in the United States every year. It is characterized by persistent sadness, loss of interest in activities, and difficulty functioning in day-to-day life.  Treatment for depression typically includes antidepressant medications, counseling, and therapy. However, for many people, these treatments are not effective. […]

Does Depression Run In Families?


It’s well known that certain illnesses can run in families – examples include cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and many others – but what about mood disorders? Research indicates that depression and other mood disorders appear to be caused by genetics and other influencers, but more research is needed. Luckily, help’s available. What Is Depression? “Depression […]

How Long Does Depression Last?

Veteran with ptsd sitting in a therapy session with his face in his hand.

Depression, also called a major depressive disorder, is actually a lot more than just feeling sad from time to time. It is a mental health condition and mood disorder, believed to be the result of biological and environmental factors. A diagnosis of the major depressive disorder requires you to experience at least five depression symptoms […]

Being Obese/Overweight Linked to Ketamine Response in MDD

Man with obesity sitting on his bed looking sad

In patients with major depressive disorder (MDD), higher body mass index (BMI) and being obese/overweight were associated with a more robust acute antidepressant response to treatment with ketamine. Results of the study were published in the Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology.

Why We Strive for Ego Death With Psychedelics

Scientific illustration of human head with brain highlighted

Certain substances, such as DMT, psilocybin, ayahuasca, peyote, LSD and Ketamine, taken in different quantities, have a strong reputation of being able to push the mind or soul over the edge, allowing it to seemingly detach from its bodily counterpart. Often hard to put into words, this can create a state that some have called […]

How Long Does Postpartum Depression Last?

Tired woman with postpartum depression holding her infant

The birth of a child can be the most wonderful experience a new mom will have, but it also can be a time of conflicting emotions – excitement, fear, joy, sadness – lumped together and hitting in waves at inopportune times. These feelings are normal, often referred to as “Baby Blues,” but if they persist […]

IV Esketamine, Ketamine Equally Effective for Resistant Depression

Woman with depression with rit logo

Intravenous (IV) esketamine is as safe and effective as IV ketamine for patients with treatment-resistant depression, new research suggests. “Our study was the first randomized clinical trial directly comparing ketamine and esketamine in treatment-resistant depression,” senior investigator Lucas C. Quarantini, MD, PhD, Division of Psychiatry.

Why Does Ketamine Work for Depression When Nothing Else Does?

Man in business attire looking depressed

Even though depression is a common and debilitating mental illness, the last groundbreaking medication released for it was Prozac, approved in 1987. Throughout the last 20 years, though, research scientists have discovered that ketamine, a common anesthetic and, at times, a recreational drug, is a rapid and effective medication for treatment-resistant depression. As we’re learning […]

Inflammation: The Role of Cytokines in Major Depression

Graphic illustration of colorful waves

Did you know Ketamine has the ability to reduce inflammation in the brain and even cytokine release? New research is showing the role inflammation plays in major depression and other neuropsychiatric disorders. Ketamine not only causes increase in neural growth, but decreases inflammation that is potentially causing a decrease in glutamate release, oxidative stress, and […]

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