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How Does Ketamine Work?

Ketamine is known as an NMDA receptor antagonist. We know that ketamine works on glutamate, one of the most numerous neurotransmitters in the body. This increase in glutamate can cause a cascade effect of increased neural activity and communication in the brain. The areas of the brain which have shutdown due to anxiety and depression, are suddenly awakened. Ketamine causes neuroplasticity, or new neural growth, a “rewiring” of the brain believed to play a big part in the lasting anti-depressant effects.

Close up view of new neural growth in the brain after ketamine infusion
This neuron show new dendritic formations, or new neural growth, within just 2 hours of receiving ketamine.
Ct scan of a human brain showing before and after views with new neural activity
This ct scan shows that after ketamine treatments, the depressed brain is almost identical to the non depressed picture as new neural activity has awakened the depressed areas.

We know that ketamine is not only working on the NMDA receptor, but ketamine is also working on other receptors such as GABA receptors, G protein-coupled receptors, and a small effect on cholinergic Mu receptors. Along with reversing neuronal atrophy, ketamine also has an anti-inflammatory effect. Interestingly, the dissociative effects of ketamine are believed to play a part in the healing process as well. When given appropriately and titrated in the right doses by a trained provider, ketamine’s multiple mechanisms of action create a powerful, effective treatment for a variety of chronic mental illness and pain conditions.

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