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Our psychotherapists are skilled in psychedelic therapy and can help you prepare for and process your
ketamine experience.

Counseling with Ketamine Treatment

Our Mental Health therapists are experts in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and traditional counseling. By combining the powerful effects of ketamine with specific types of psychotherapy, patients are achieving breakthrough results.

If you are starting ketamine treatment, we strongly recommend a counseling session to process any fears concerning the initial ketamine treatment. Likewise, the first counseling session is used to help set your goals, which studies show can be helpful in psychedelic healing journeys.

“We have seen a three-to-four-fold increase in effectiveness when combining ketamine with psychotherapy.”

Additionally, two counseling sessions following the initial treatments are highly recommended to help process and integrate your experience. Also, a six-month commitment to counseling is highly suggested for long-term success. Our psychotherapists can help you process your experiences, find meaning and purpose, and provide tools that will support your overall mental health.

Yuleisy is committed to helping her clients heal and live in more moments of peace. She is passionate
about both mindfulness and psychedelic medicine as tools for bringing alternative healing to those who
seek it.

Types of therapy offered:

  • Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)
  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy(DBT)
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Client-centered therapy

Our Director of Behavioral Services, Tyler, joined our team in the summer of 2020 and is passionate
about creating holistic and integrative solutions for the full spectrum of issues – from everyday struggles
to severe mental health disturbances. He believes being a therapist is an immense privilege and creating
a space for authentic expression and genuine exploration of each individual’s experience motivates his

Types of therapy offered:

  • Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP)
  • Theoretical Orientation:
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS)
  • Integrative/Holistic Wellness

Want to Know More About These Types of Therapies?

Ketamine-Assisted psychotherapy (KAP)

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT)

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is a modified form of cognitive therapy that incorporates
mindfulness practices such as meditation and breathing exercises. Using these tools, MBCT therapists
teach clients how to break away from negative thought patterns that can cause a downward spiral into a
depressed state so they will be able to fight off depression before it takes hold.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) encourages people to embrace their thoughts and
feelings rather than fighting or feeling guilty for them. It may seem confusing at first, but ACT paired with
mindfulness-based therapy offers clinically effective treatment.

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy. Its main goals are to teach
people how to live in the moment, develop healthy ways to cope with stress, regulate their emotions, and
improve their relationships with others.

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a form of psychological treatment that has been demonstrated to
be effective for a range of problems including depression, anxiety disorders, alcohol and drug use

problems, marital problems, eating disorders, and severe mental illness. Numerous research studies
suggest that CBT leads to significant improvement in functioning and quality of life. In many studies, CBT
has been demonstrated to be as effective as, or more effective than, other forms of psychological therapy
or psychiatric medications.

Client-centered therapy

Client-centered therapy operates according to three basic principles that reflect the attitude of the
therapist to the client: The therapist is congruent with the client. The therapist provides the client with
unconditional positive regard. The therapist shows an empathetic understanding to the client.

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