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We Exist to Revitalize Your Life

Revitalizing Infusion Therapies exists to make a world of difference in the lives of the patients we serve. We dedicate our days to turning the tide for patients with serious, life-interrupting mental and physical illnesses, especially individuals who have tried other treatments with limited success. We go the extra mile, with the very best team of professionals, who believe every person is deserving of quality care, clear communication, compassion, and understanding. This guiding principle empowers us to ensure we meet and exceed the expectations of both patients and referring partners alike. We strive to deliver an exceptional experience every time. We are confident our patients will experience what sets us apart, empowering them to live a Revitalizing life, every day.

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Ketamine Can Help

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Our Vision

At Revitalizing Infusion Therapies, our vision is rooted in the transformative impact we aim to achieve in our patients’ lives. We are committed to revitalizing the health and well-being of individuals facing severe mental and physical health challenges through innovative, personalized care. As a leading center for infusion therapies in Central Florida, we strive for excellence in every aspect of our service, ensuring that our patients receive the highest quality of care, compassion, and understanding, which leads to tangible improvements in their health and a renewed sense of hope.

Our Mission

At Revitalizing Infusion Therapies, our mission is to provide comprehensive mental health care by combining our innovative Ketamine and Spravato treatments with the latest in mainstream medications and mental health therapies. We aim to offer a holistic approach to mental health, integrating proven methods with cutting-edge psychedelic therapies on the horizon. This balanced approach ensures our patients receive the most effective, personalized treatment plans, leveraging the best of current science alongside promising future advancements to enhance mental and physical well-being.
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