Patient Experience

The Patient Experience

We understand that the environment can have a significant positive impact on the effectiveness of your treatments. That is why we have spared no expense in creating the optimal environment where your healing can begin. No other facility in Florida can come close to the spa-like atmosphere you will experience here at Revitalizing Infusion Therapies!

From the moment you step into the lobby, you will notice the upscale furnishings and the pleasing, delicate scent of aromatherapy. You can also be assured you will be greeted warmly by our professional staff and treated as the valued individual that you are.

When it’s time for your treatment, you will be escorted to your room where your relaxation will continue in our luxurious, powered recliners. Our courteous staff will discuss the details of your treatment while you are enveloped in soft, relaxing lighting and gentle music, providing a calming influence. Before your treatment begins, you will be offered noise-canceling headphones, eye shades, and even a blanket, if desired.

As your treatment proceeds, you can be at complete ease, knowing that our trained professionals will be constantly monitoring every component of your progress. After your treatment is complete, we will confirm the details, while you sip on lime-infused water. And you slip out the door, refreshed, revived – infused with a new sense of hope, purpose and optimism about your future!  That’s the Revitalizing difference.

Revitalizing Infusion Therapies (RIT), exists to make a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE in the lives of the patients we serve! We dedicate our days to turning the tide for patients with serious, life-interrupting mental and physical illnesses, especially individuals who have tried other treatments with limited success. RIT goes the extra mile, with the very best team of professionals, who believe every person is deserving of quality care, clear communication, compassion, and understanding. This guiding principle empowers us to ensure we meet and exceed expectations of both patients and referring partners alike! We strive to deliver an exceptional experience, every time. We are confident our patients will experience what sets us apart, empowering them to live a Revitalizing life, every day!

Our passion is “REVITALIZING” patients suffering from challenging mental and physical afflictions. It’s in our name!  Revitalizing is the work we do daily, serving our patients with excellence!  When you trust us with your care, we will listen to YOU.  We design individual treatment plans to best meet your health needs. We are the premier infusion center in Central Florida! We provide the best infusion experience, environment, and treatment plans for the individual. We are confident our innovative treatment options can provide our patients with truly tangible improvements which will ultimately bring renewed vitality, renewed health, and renewed hope.

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