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At Revitalizing Infusion Therapies we combine a lifestyle medicine and integrative psychiatry approach that offers holistic complementary therapies for mental health care.

Our customized treatment plans help empower our patients to a greater level of healing. During an initial psychiatric evaluation, patients are assessed by one of our industry-leading providers. The evaluation consists of a 60-minute thorough holistic assessment including a root cause analysis.

Our system is founded on the basic idea that effective disease management requires more than merely “treating a diagnosis”, but attending to the root cause and building our treatment plan specifically for the individual.

By getting to the source of the problem, we can more effectively help you break through the cycle and find lasting relief. If you or a loved one are in need of help, our team will design a personalized treatment plan unique to your situation.

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Offering a Variety of Therapy Options

Counseling and Psychotherapy

While psychiatry often involves a combination of medication and psychotherapy administered by a medical clinician to improve mental health. Counseling and psychotherapy focus on treating mental health conditions by talking with a mental health provider over a number of different sessions. Licensed and registered mental health counselors help you learn the skills you need to take control of your life and respond to challenging situations in a healthy way. 

Psychotherapy is a good option for patients looking for more sessions over a long period of time, while counseling usually involves fewer sessions and a shorter period of time.

 At Revitalizing Infusion Therapies, we work with you individually to determine the best therapy option to address your individual needs, concerns, and goals. We offer many different types of therapy including mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and ketamine assisted psychotherapy.

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Ketamine Can Help

Innovative Treatments For Persistent Conditions

Our Treatments

Ketamine therapy
Ketamine Therapy
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The use of ketamine for depression has been named, "the biggest discovery in mental health in decades."
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SPRAVATO® is the first prescription nasal spray, taken with an oral antidepressant, for: · Adults with treatment-resistant depression.
Psychiatry & counseling
Psychiatry & Counseling
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We combine a lifestyle medicine and integrative psychiatry approach that offers holistic therapies for mental health care.
Vitamin therapy
Vitamin Therapy
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IV vitamin therapy provides direct absorption of vitamins and minerals, which are utilized more effectively than when taken orally.

Director of Psychiatry Services, PMHNP, BC

Christa Sedney

Christa is a Board Certified Adult Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with over 16 years of psychiatric nursing experience. She most recently was the Clinical Director for the Florida division of a company providing psychiatric services in skilled nursing and long-term care facilities. Her professional experience includes caring for patients in both the inpatient psychiatric hospital, community mental health, private practice, and long-term care settings across the life span. Christa has also worked in pharmaceutical research in the areas of clinical pathology, toxicology, and formulations. Her clinical practice focuses on consultation, treatment selection, and care coordination for individuals struggling with a wide range of psychiatric illnesses. Christa’s practice style includes conventional psychiatric evaluation and treatment combined with recommendations for alternative therapies (including lifestyle modification, diet, and exercise) in order to promote the mind/body/spiritual connection that will allow for healing of the whole person. 

She is excited to be breaking through the barriers of traditional psychiatric practice to join Revitalizing Infusion Therapies to open up new pathways of effective treatments to help our clients regain control of their lives.

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

Bindi Shah

Bindi Shah Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Bindi Shah is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Bindi has been providing counseling services for children, adults, and teenagers for over 10 years. Bindi’s approach to counseling is humanistic and strength-based. She also uses an eclectic style in therapy, where she pulls skills and techniques from different theories as it best fits each client. Her experience included helping people overcome symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, family and relational conflict, and self-worth issues.
Bindi believes a supportive, caring relationship where clients are honored and valued, can help to make positive changes, and increase clients’ joy, and their overall functioning. As a professional counselor, she appreciates being able to witness the resiliency, strength, and courage in her clients. Bindi believes it is important to meet the client where they are at in their process of change and help them find sustainable relief.


Yuleisy Cardoso

In 2007, she graduated with a bachelor’s in Psychology from Florida International University and shortly after began her own transformational path as she began her first semester at the University of Central Florida’s counseling education program. This is when she discovered her love and passion for mindfulness as a tool to help others heal as the tool rewires the brain and reboots the emotional body. Her passion and extensive research on the topic led to a published scientific contribution with the American Counseling Association’s Online Vista Journal titled ” Loving Kindness Meditation and Couples Therapy: Healing After an Infidelity”. Presently, Yuleisy contributes articles to magazines through the community on topics such as mental health and mindfulness. Yuleisy’s other passion, psychedelic medicine, surfaced in 2018 when her own healing took place with the powerful and magical medicine. She now dedicates herself to helping others heal with psychedelic medicine and dedicates herself to bringing knowledge of this beautiful medicine to anyone who seeks healing. As a therapist who is fully committed to helping our clients live a fuller and more peaceful life, she is grateful and humbled to be a part of her client’s healing journey.

Portrait of Yuleisy Cardoso

Yuleisy is committed to helping her clients heal and live in more moments of peace. She is passionate about both mindfulness and psychedelic medicine as tools for bringing alternative healing to those who seek it. Se Habla Espanol

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