How Does Spravato Work?


Besides symptoms, people who suffer from depression or another mental health condition have something else in common: misfiring neurotransmitters in the brain. When neurotransmitters aren’t communicating, symptoms like sadness, irritability, and tiredness can rule your life, negatively affecting all aspects of daily living. Fortunately, a medicine like Spravato may help. What Is Depression? “Depressive disorder, […]

Does Depression Run In Families?


It’s well known that certain illnesses can run in families – examples include cardiovascular disease, cancer, osteoporosis, and many others – but what about mood disorders? Research indicates that depression and other mood disorders appear to be caused by genetics and other influencers, but more research is needed. Luckily, help’s available. What Is Depression? “Depression […]

What Is Spravato?


Something’s not right. You used to love going for nighttime walks, but not so much anymore. You have trouble sleeping through the night, and now you alternate between binge eating or eating nothing at all for a full day. These could be depression symptoms, but thankfully, help’s on the way. Mental Health In America Before […]

How Can You Treat Chronic Muscle Pain?


If you’ve had trouble sleeping every night for years due to lower back pain, but can’t remember what might have caused it, you could be experiencing the first signs of chronic muscle pain. You’re not alone, as it affects about 100 million Americans every year. Thankfully, certain therapies can help. What Is Myofascial Pain Syndrome? […]

How Long Does Depression Last?

Veteran with PTSD sitting in a therapy session with his face in his hand.

Depression, also called a major depressive disorder, is actually a lot more than just feeling sad from time to time. It is a mental health condition and mood disorder, believed to be the result of biological and environmental factors. A diagnosis of the major depressive disorder requires you to experience at least five depression symptoms […]