Jeremy Pettit, PA-C

Jeremy Pettit, PA-C

Physician Assistant, PA-C
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Jeremy Pettit

Jerome is a Physician Assistant who has been practicing medicine for nearly 20 years. From the very start, his focus has always been to get to the root cause of disease or mood dysregulation versus simply controlling symptoms with every increasing numbers of medications at ever-increasing dosages.  In addition to psychiatric medications, he also uses orthomolecular nutrition, psychobiotics, and pharmacogenomics, lab testing, and Lifestyle Medicine as needed in order to uncover and remedy the source(s) of the health issue. He believes that it is only as we address the root cause that we can arrive at an effective solution.

He has also found using psychedelic medicines, such as ketamine, can help patient’s address their underlining issues. The dissociative experience can serve as a “reset button” while the neural plasticity is a jumpstart in the healing process.

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